Synchroblog: mid-way delight and late arrivals

I am so grateful as I make my way through the many rich, thoughtful, grace-filled and relationally focused posts. Thank you to each who reflected, prayed and wrote with care and a clear commitment to be positive, encouraging, and open.

I didn’t have a map for this initiative. I didn’t know how it would play out. I was much in prayer and even as my prayers continue …. they are giving way to peace. I’m seeing a consistent theme of vulnerability, transparency, honesty, owning our own crap, and some especially good insights shared by those who traverse these waters with great regularity. Trying to keep up with the various comment streams from the different posts, I’m sensing the contributors wanting to encourage one another, learn from one another and reach out to make new connections.

Did I already say I was feeling grateful? Well I am.

I did want to draw your attention to some contributors weighing in today – to ensure that you had the chance to read their contributions as well:

moody bloggergrace rulesempire remixedkinnonbox turtlekhanyarising up wholecafe inspiradoodd babblingsthat guy lamcrossroadsjourneys of an academicragamuffin ramblingsgathering woolprickly portalwithout contradiction

There may even be a few more …. which I’ll add to this post as they confirm….

I have more reading to do ….. hopefully you do too. I have more thinking to do ….. hopefully you do too. I have more praying to do ….. hopefully you do too.

But at this point ….. much to be thankful for.


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