Terminology 2.0

The terms we use for minority groups are not just about political correctness.

I believe they are of spiritual consequence.

If we use words that dignify people’s (often painful) journey toward self-understanding and authenticity, we can actually bestow honor on them, affirm them as image-bearers of God, and show them hospitality. When we impose our own labels, using words that distort or erase our minority friends’ experiences and self-determination, we inhibit deeper conversation and relationship.

We can be gracious with ourselves in the realm of LGBTQ+ language … the language of sexuality and gender is constantly changing and becoming more nuanced, and it can be hard to keep up! Sometimes we make honest mistakes, and often our LGBTQ+ friends and fellow advocates will gently and graciously correct us. But if we take time to educate ourselves in advance, we can better prepare ourselves to love people with our words.

You look confused and you dont know what to do via photopin (license)