The Idol of Certainty


John 9:24-34


The Jewish leaders were beginning to get frustrated.  News of Jesus’ miraculous restoration of sight to the man born blind had everyone buzzing.  They had to figure out how to get on top of this before things got completely out of hand.

You see they were certain that Jesus was an ordinary sinner just like everyone else.  This certainty was the only conclusion that their legalistic interpretation of Scripture allowed.  Their notion of what the Messiah would be like and what he would do, especially to their Roman overlords, did not at all fit with what Jesus was teaching and doing.

I wonder sometimes if we think our faith is strong because we are so certain of what we know and believe to be true.  But the truth is that when we are completely certain, when we have the answers to everything, we actually don’t need much faith in Jesus.  Our faith is actually in our certainty.  Jesus is unpredictable.  Jesus challenges our assumptions.  Jesus raises more questions than he answers.  I wonder if Jesus would call our certainty an idol.

The Jewish leaders can’t let go of their certainty.  So they miss who Jesus really is.

The man who had his sight restored doesn’t have all the answers.  He doesn’t have much certainty.  But he does trust and believe that it was Jesus, in love and obedience to the Father, who restored his sight.

Can we nurture such deep trust in Jesus that we can learn to be content to not have all the answers?  Humble reliance on Jesus may mean that we experience his love and power in ways that do not fit our expectations.


Our Loving Father

Jesus trusted you without reservation.  Please help me to have an open mind and heart so that I can trust and walk in step with you.  Forgive me wanting to retreat into my clear and certain answers instead of waiting on you.

Thank you Jesus.  Amen.

#faith #humility

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