The Space Between

This idea of “the space between” is something I’ve been pondering for a while. Terri, who did some initial work on our arts initiative, coined the phrase as the title for our upcoming new arts website. The thought was of the space between you and the frame (ie. the frame around a painting)- the space where you consider your own interpretation, your own imagination, the ways your own creativity, emotions and spirit are inspired by the art within the frame. This space is the space for community – for shared conversation, for connection and collaboration. It is also the space in which we have the opportunity to honour the Image of the Creator in ourselves and others. This space between is a powerful place – a place bursting with potentiality.

But beyond the arts initiative, this picture of the space between has captivated me. This past Easter weekend, I spent time reflecting on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Friday or Sunday – these are the days we tend to focus on – at least us less-liturgical protestants. But Holy Saturday is the day that marks most of my life. Most of my life is somewhere between the pain and agony of Good Friday and the joyful victory of Easter Sunday. I live in the space between.

I wrote this the other day – and thought it might touch some of you too:

The space between is the place we weep…

It lies between painful reality

and actions we would regret.

It calls to us and haunts us by its inaccessibility…

it beckons as a beacon of hope.

This space between is unpredictable at best

it is the place we are simply called to be.

Only the courageous and valiant persevere

in its pursuit –

this space between.

After chaotic battles of mind and heart

of tradition, of expectation, of legislation

The weary warrior caught in paradox

falls to bowed knees and weeps

for what else can she do but be.


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