Towards a New Normal

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Three weeks ago I fell and suffered a concussion. I rested for a few days and then returned to work. I monitored my pain and fatigue levels and kept an eye out for any impact on cognition. What I didn’t understand, however, is that I didn’t actually understand the impact the concussion was having on me. It was far less tangible than pain or fatigue or forgetting words. It took some difficult experiences to alert me to the reality that my emotions and my perceptions of things had been significantly affected. Admittedly, this was much more frightening and while I’ve taken more time to try to recover and heal, I’m left with the lingering uncertainty of how long it will take before I feel normal again – or if things will ever fully get back to normal.

Large yellow sticker on a while tile floor. Sticker has an image of two shoe-prints and reads: "Practice social distancing. Stand within this circle."
Photo by DICSON on Unsplash

Sound familiar? As this pandemic drags on, there is a lot of conversation about “getting back to normal.” On Sunday I experienced my first, socially distanced but in-person church service in my small New Brunswick town where there haven’t been any cases of Covid. It was an interesting experience of feeling both familiarit