We Dance

On the first Wednesday of the month, we invite a member of our community to write a guest post for our blog. This post is written by River, who's a member of our Hamilton GS community in Ontario, and will be facilitating our new GS Mental Health Zoom Group. She's been a tireless advocate for mental health in our community, and in this post, she talks about what GS dance parties (including dance parties on Zoom) have meant to her. Don't miss her poem - it's read in a voice-over in the captioned video at the end!

Confession: I have not always loved dancing. I didn't go to dances as a teenager. In university I tried, but everyone seemed so graceful, rhythmic, and sexy. And I saw myself as clunky, corny, and fat. I loved to move my body to music, just not when anyone was watching.  With time I learned to quiet the inner critic and enjoy nights out dancing with friends, but there was always the voice within telling me I should just sit down and let the others move to the music.

A group of about 15 people are dancing in a high-ceiling-ed room
A GS Retreat dance party