WikiGod Podcast Interview (part 2)

It’s something the church has been talking a whole heck of a lot about in the past few years, whether it’s behind the scenes in policy meetings or out front in the media. Same-sex marriage. Partnered gay men and women who are committed Jesus-followers. Married, faithful gay couples loving and serving in the church. And every one of us, whether tacitly or after much consideration, has an opinion about it. But do we know from whence our opinion comes? In this episode, Mark gives a rundown of all the most-referenced Scripture passages used in the in-house debate and explains some of the varying ways of interpreting those passages – not to argue for a side, but to demonstrate that this is a complex, disputable matter – for a people, the church, who are called not to dispute even while holding Scripture as authoritative. That’s where Wendy comes in.

This week in Part 2 of the conversation with Mark, Wendy VanderWal-Gritter talks about hospitality, the Christian posture of welcome, humility as a way forward, how different churches can be places of hope and healing, and how partnered gay Christians need to find safe places to love Jesus fully in affirming community.

Find out more about the WikiGod Podcast and listen to this episode here.

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