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End what exactly An in depth look into the End It Movement The End It movement is not an apolitical movement. People aren’t supporting or directly funding “the slaves” – people are supporting and directly funding institutions that define slavery, trafficking, and freedom by their own criteria while collaborating with the FBI, DHS, and police forces. Overall, the End It movement serves the state, corporate, and institutional interests of the people who run it. Every year the End It movement picks a random date in February to “Shine a Light on Slavery”. Through their media campaigns they promote Westerners drawing a red ‘X’ on their hand to represent millions of victims who are enslaved today. Their twitter page is full of people gaining the social capital of an “abolitionist”, mostly celebrities, police, corporations and their 17 coalition partner organizations they fund. This is an appropriation of the prison abolition movement by the establishment. For the most part, the “movement” coalition of 17 organizations themselves are very homogeneous, leaning heavily WASP, neoliberal, “law and order” types. In the 2012 Passion conferences (by Passion Inc_Choice Ministries) students raised $3.3 million to fund 7 organizations that battle sex trafficking, however. It wasn’t until 2013, when wealthy WASP CEOs decided to manipulate college students for millions more to fund their that the End It Movement was officially born. International Justice Mission’s founder, Gary Haugen delivered a speech at Passion’s 2013 conference about the 27 million slaves (a statistic made up by), quoted Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and highlighting stories of the Civil Rights. Most college aged students would jump on board to a movement that seems so easy, and uncontroversial, who that same year had to pull out of President Obama’s swearing in ceremony due to his anti-LGBTQ speeches, encouraged the students to buy into their project There is an irony that the End It campaign came out of (controlled by Choice Ministries Inc), rooted in a larger movement of the towards a more conservative, patriarchal, and neocalvinism church that lends itself well to authoritarianism. The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is the largest Protestant denomination in the US. It was formed from a over the issues of abolition, civil rights, and desegregation, which they were to. Even current shows that Southern Baptists lean Republican, known for being opposed to undocumented immigrants criminalized people having rights, and favoring a carceral system where legal slavery is alive and well. End it, is a campaign fund of Global Generosity Inc. (previously named Giving Wisely Inc., Global Generosity Movement Inc.). It was part of the – a partnership between the Lausanne Movement and the World Evangelical Alliance focused on missionary work and church planting. The stated goal of Global Generosity Inc is “To fuel a broad-based, worldwide movement that results in radical, life transforming generosity among Christians as well as fund specific Christian projects related to human trafficking and bible translation.” Global Generosity Inc distributed the money raised from 2013 to missions, bible translation causes, and their selection of organizations. Connections like this show an overlap of shared interests, and identity. It helps explain the focus on women, girls, purity, innocence, and sex that all these organizations tend to share. These campaigns mirror” in the late 1880s and early 1900s. They use stories of innocent young girls becoming sex slaves to push carceral policy that mostly harms black people, LGBTQ people, and re-reinforces borders without addressing any systemic issues that lead people to work for survival. Many of the organizations under the coalition train police to targets sex workers and migrants including IJM, Polaris (which is focused on currently), Love 146, A21, The Exodus Road, and many others work alongside police. For example, Restore NYC (another Christian organization) got $70k from the Choices Ministries, who are a big part of the End it movement. They get most of their referrals to their program from the court system, other anti-trafficking organizations, and police. In order to get help from the organization, clients must meet the federal definition of human trafficking and be pursuing immigration relief through the On average around 500 people qualify for the Trafficking visa every year, on a visa that has a cap of 5,000 yearly. The Trafficking Visa offers people working rights for 4 years in the US, and a legal pathway toward citizenship. New York, according to FBI reports has of human trafficking every year. Restore NYC has 7 Safehome beds and 3-4 emergency beds that they offer these specific victims who are still expected to pay monthly rent on it. They offer an with Irving Farm Coffee Roasters which pays the criminalized migrant women an average net monthly income of $1,227 in NYC. The CEO, Jimmy Lee made $115,852 from Restore NYC in 2017, the organization made $2.5 million. For many anti-trafficking organizations, this is how you liberate “slaves”. These initiatives very strongly mirror the philosophy of the Salvation Army from William Booth’s (their founder) book In Darkest England and the Way Out. (who is coalition member of End It) envisioned a model that would treat the poor people of England like Africa, eventually the Salvation grew all over the world. In many countries, like the US they are among the top service providers. This movement was based on colonial model that sought to forcibly segregate poor people into colonized spaces that were. Some scholars have argued that after the abolition of slavery, campaigns against like sex work, alcohol, or poverty were a way for the wealthy elites to regain their moral high ground, often claiming that that and poor people were the same or had it worse than newly emancipated African Americans who work as Toronto escorts. International Justice Mission is one of the biggest anti-trafficking organizations in the US, they made $68.9 million in 2018, they train and work with global police and border enforcement agencies. Everyone who works there is required to be a Christian, and they work with the IMF and the World Bank on “development projects” in third world countries. According to a on the founder, “Haugen believes that the biggest problem on earth is not too little democracy, or too much poverty, or too few anti-retroviral AIDS medicines, but, rather, an absence of proper law enforcement.”

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