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Celesteal Creations - Carly & Kesha

We are knitting up a storm currently, but we will be selling fibre-based items, and maybe watercolours (preferably in TEAL, but we can do commissions, if the market desires!) Our price range is $10-$55 NOT including shipping. Please look at our site for more info about us.


For payment, we prefer folx to contact us through Instagram, and will do etransfers - we can make receipts as needed. (We can provide examples of what we have made).

Visit our site!

Gary’s Lens provides photography and video for a wide variety of purposes – from weddings to family sessions, to event photography and commercial work. Check the galleries to see past work. We also work with you to provide informational videos of businesses and product photography.


Price: Varies depending on the service - $188/hr for family/event. Wedding packages start at $1299.


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Michael John Halse Artistry


Dabbling in numerous mediums and styles, Michael has created works of art using photography, digital art, and traditional painting with various prints available for purchase through his website. He is also the author of the character-driven, high fantasy series A Chronicle of Crowns, currently available on Amazon. He is also heading the art production for the fantasy board game Season of Heroes, expected to appear on Kickstarter in the spring of 2021. Feel free to reach out for more information!


Prints: Varies, depending on print size, see website.

Novels: $19.00 - $24.88 CAD


A Chronicle of Crowns, Book 1 on Amazon


Season of Heroes



Feel free to contact me through Instagram, or by email:


 Yerpers is a small Toronto-based crafty queer business. We love exploring new mediums and bringing you funky queer products. Currently our products center a lot around needlework art, and we are constantly experimenting with new art forms like digital and textile art to create new products! 


Pricing: Ranges $5-50. We offer sliding scale pricing and accept trades! We want our products to be accessible and recognize that high product prices can be a barrier. Our sliding scale pricing can ONLY be viewed on Instagram (our website cannot accommodate sliding scale pricing at this time). To access our sliding scale pricing or discuss a trade, direct message @yerpersofficial on Instagram or email us at

Yerpers at Flamingo Market (website)

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Wooden Handcrafted wearable art in the form of pendants, and earrings.
Unique designs, and unique pieces each embedded with its own character. From modern to rustic each to celebrate the natural wood that has been salvaged.

Price range =  $15 - $36 

Order through my Etsy Shop 
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Ash River Burtch

This poetry collection contains 18 poems written by me that explore how I cultivate hope and resist despair as I cope with chronic severe mental illness. I've lived in the extremes of life and death, and have learned that even the smallest choices I make can either guide me toward Life and Love or pull me into fear and self-hatred. I write poetry to remember the power of my choice in small moments, to pay attention with wonder, and to always find my way back to hope. 


Content Note: The collection contains a few references to wanting to die, but I hope I have done that in a way that also draws the reader toward Life. The collection is not graphic and does not detail anything about suicidality or other potentially triggering topics.

Price: $20 or PWYC (Limited copies, order soon!)

Contact me through Instagram or Facebook to order a copy! 

Facebook: Ash River Burtch


Joshua Kawase

Description of work: Hi there! I’m a singer/songwriter/producer that crafts deep, intimate contemplative pop, along the lines of Audrey Assad. Inspired by my counseling education, personal mental health history, and love for movie soundtracks, my music charts my struggles with depression and loneliness, my complex relationship with my non-affirming family, and my struggle to discover honest hope while in the process of deconstructing my faith. I’m currently working on my first album, The Holy War, which works to legitimize the suffering of the powerless, and shed light on the collateral damage when people feel morally justified in ostracizing others. 


While I do not have any projects currently released for purchase, I regularly post updates on my Instagram stories that give a snapshot of my work, and I currently have my full demo album available on SoundCloud, which regularly gets updated as I improve my tracks. If you’re interested in getting updates as I create more music, follow me on Instagram and SoundCloud, and you’ll be hearing more from me! I also love getting your thoughts, opinions, and ideas, and having conversations about my music, so you can also always reach out to me via Facebook Messenger or Instagram. Peace!


Click here to listen to my album, The Holy War

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Whitney at West Coast Woven is a fibre artist who would love to weave a custom scarf or wall hanging just for you or as a gift for someone you love.

Inspired by the rugged west coasts of Canada and Scotland, Whitney spins and felts wool, embroiders and crochets, and weaves yarns of all sorts into one of a kind pieces

A scarf to keep you cozy using a custom colour story and fibre of your choice (wool, acrylic, recycled, etc). Colours of a sunset to remember your favourite vacation? Colours of the forest that remind you of the beauty of nature? Rainbow colours to remind you of your love? Tell me your inspiration and I'll source and create something special just for you!

Prices start at around $45 (plus shipping) and go up depending on the kind of materials you choose. All the details on how to order are available on my website. 

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AllegedLlamaStickers by Laine

I have been designing and creating pride cryptid stickers for a while now.  These stickers are between 2 and 3 inches big, and depict various monsters with various pride flags.  Don't see your flag? Contact me and I'll add it to the list!


Stickers are $2.25 plus shipping

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Queero Gear - Eric Van Giessen

Queero Gear is a clothing, apparel, and merchandise store that features illustrated portraits of queer/LGBT heroes drawn by Eric Van Giessen! We sell t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, tote bags and more! This is a print-on-demand setup and while all the designs are my own, orders are fulfilled by a partnering company called Printful.

Price Range: $6-59 (free shipping on almost everything!)


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Contact me for more details or to request a queero portrait 

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